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About BlueOnionSoft

  • BlueOnionSoft, Inc. was established in April 2010 and acquired large customer base which coincide with power users of Korean social games with Just Find It HD, Jewel Craft, Jewel Buster, MiniGames +Friends and etc.

  • BlueOnionSoft was accredited as Venture Company in South Korea by November 2010, and we have been expanding our business to Android, Windows Phone, Smart TV and social platforms with further improvement in production capacity at home and abroad.

  • With 20 talented members in our team, composed of game industry developers, graphic designers, marketers and social network professionals, our company has the full capability to develop and publish, moving into the business of making great experiences for our players that are engaging and can be enjoyed in collaboration with each other.

Smart life is a blue onion, which one peels wondering.
We are the Smart Alchemies.

  • Just like how the name 'BlueOnion' came from the word 'Blue' and 'Onion' which are very familiar words, our goal is to combine what is familiar to discover new ideas to surprise the world.

  • Just like discovering the true qualities as the onion is peeled off, our company would like to become the true innovative leader in mobile applications and internet service industry.

  • Using the ideas that are implemented from a simple to complex service, we are not just creating an application but we will create the trend of the times.
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