World Traveler (Spot the Difference)
Version 2.1
Latest Update at Sun, 05 Dec 2010

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Just Find World has just opened with more exciting features.

  • 100 Places You Must Visit Before You Die
  • Always wanted to travel all around world? Invest just a few bucks. Just Find World will take you to the most valuable places in the world: Wonders of World, beautiful natures, historic sites, amazing architectures and etc.

  • Global High Score List
  • Just Find World will show you top 5 ranks on the game and top 100 ranks on our web site (

  • Previous "Just Find It", Bestselling Spot-The-Difference Apps and on What's Hot on Jul/Aug
  • Just Find World succeeds the name and fame of Just Find It. Reasonable difficulty, fancy design and great control !

  • Educational App with Links to Wikipedia for Each Place
  • You can trace where you have traveled. And if you want to know more about the place you are playing, tap the Wikipedia icon on the screen. With Just Find World you'll be a traveler rather than a tourist.

  • Different Spots - Different When You Back
  • Even if you encounter the same place again, the different spots won't be the same. You won't be bored!


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