Fire It
Version 1.0
Latest Update at Thu, 12 Aug 2010

Adrenaline is flowing? Get rid of stress. It's not good for your health.

Here you have GUNS and are ready to FIRE IT!! That'll help you blow your stress off.

Turn your iPhone or iPod into various guns with 'Fire It'! Simulate various guns with real view using 'Fire It' with 7 weapons to choose, and more!!

With 'Fire It' you can:

  • 7 Weapons
    ✓ Revolver
    ✓ Glock
    ✓ AK-74
    ✓ RX-11
    ✓ SSG-69
    ✓ M870
    ✓ RPG-7
  • Use two modes
    ✓ LIVE mode (iPhone only)
    ✓ PHOTO mode
  • Realistic effects : BLOOD, SCREAM
  • Shoot your pals (or boss) using LIVE mode
  • Choose background as target from your photo album
  • Awesome animation and detailed graphics
  • VIBRATION while firing (iPhone only)
  • REALISTIC SOUNDS for each gun (reload, fire)
  • SHAKE and RELOAD with realistic sounds

Turn on Scream and Blood for more fun!!


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