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Version 2.0
Latest Update at Thu, 08 Jul 2010

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 Share with Friends: SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook
 Additional 40+ Unicodes
Compatibility with iOS 4

Do you want to write down your special emotion? Use Super Keyboard! Almost every emoji and unicodes are here.
Make your message more attractive and creative with Super Keyboard.

Comparison of Apps

AppSuper KeyboardIcon KeyboardUnicode
Loading Time(sec)5105
# of Unicode540+(Updated!)400+350+
System Keyboards

✔ How to Use Emoji & Unicode in other apps.

  1. ① Click Copy button. The text will be copied to system clipboard.
  2. ② Open other apps(SMS, Note, Email, etc).
  3. ③ Use Paste function to paste the text.

✔ How to Use Favorites

  1. ① Tap-hold a symbol on other pages(Emoji, Unicode, Recents) to add it to Favorites.
  2. ② Tap-hold a favorite on Favorites page to remove it.

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