MiniGames +Friends
Version 1.0
Latest Update at Thu, 08 Jul 2010

Play MiniGames +Friends with your friends.

Aren't you tired of heavy games? Here are simple and fun games for you: Jewel Breaker, Bubble Wrap, Animal Memory, Perfect Pitch, and Moving Block! Sh! A secret: you can get items in each game from your friends. Make friends in +Friends and enjoy more fun!


  • 5 Casual Games in ONE App

    ✓ Jewel Breaker
    ✓ Bubble Wrap
    ✓ Animal Memory
    ✓ Perfect Pitch
    ✓ Moving Block
    and Coming Soon:
    ☺ Infinite Drop
    ☺ Doodle Bee
    ☺ Battle Master
    and More!

  • Compete High Score with your friends!
    When you beat your friend's high score, you'll get an item.

  • Share your score on Twitter.
    Let your friends know you made new high score!

  • Share your world ranking with +Friends.
    Check your ranking in the World, between Friends, and in your Nation.

  • Jewel Breaker
    - Get Bomb or Lightning Items from your friends
    - Relocation/Hint help you have more fun!

  • Perfect Pitch
    - Listen piano notes and repeat it
    - Get repeat Items from your Friends

  • Bubble Wrap
    - Pop Friends' face and get more score

  • Animal Match
    - Match up animals and your friends
    - Animal sound and various human sound

  • Moving Block
    - Drag Red block and avoid other moving blocks
    - Get Invisible Items from your Friends

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