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Tipping Point is tipping the revolution of tip calculators. Cause Tipping Point makes new standard of tip calculators. Let's take a detailed look..

Let's take a detailed look.

  • Surprising Tip % & Split Controls
    - While existing apps have only wheels of the same style, we made BEAUTIFUL control with coffee and desert plates.
  • Smart Adjustments
    - While existing apps insist only slides for adjustment control, we made SMART control like a PIE chart.
  • Real-time Calculating On Same Screen
    - Whenever you change any of Check Amount, Tip % and Split, the result changes automatically on the SAME screen.
  • Perfect Round Option With Easy Control
    - While existing apps round tip per person and total per person only, our app provide perfect FOUR rounding options -- tip, total to pay, tip per person and total per person. Just touch on the number to round.
  • Save & History
    - Saves bill records so you can review the History
  • Easy Tax Editing
    - Since every city's sales tax rate is not the same, need to change tax rate many cases. Just touch on the tax % box for editing.
And you know? The followings are not special features anymore. They're requirements!
  • Calculates tip without tax -- some apps still missing this feature
  • Automatically remember your settings (tip %, tax rated...) for next time use
  • Allows you adjust you and your friends' amount to pay
  • International support, $, €, £ and ¥


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