BabyApps: All-in-1
Version 3.2
Latest Update at Sun, 27 Mar 2011


- Background Option added!!

- 7 lovable images for background

"BabyApps: All-in-1" featured by Apple as "New and Noteworthy".
#1 Toddler/Baby App in United States in December
#2 Education App in United States in December

Who needs BabyApps:

Do your babies/toddlers play with your iPhone? TOUCH any buttons, CALL your friends, send MESSAGES in cipher, and REMOVE your favorite contact?

But don't take their pleasure away. Instead, let them satisfy thier curiosity with BabyApps. They can touch icons, call somebody, make notes, play games or piano!!

This ALL-IN-1 app includes:

Flash Cards: 64 Flash Cards with great sounds

Dail-a-Phone: Number buttons with great sounds

Letter-board: 26 Alphabet letters with speaking letter-names

Color Piano: Color mode with 8 color-name sounds and piano mode with one octave piano sound

Quizzing: Simple quizes with shapes, numbers and flash cards


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Also Available in Android Market

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