Fly Bird Seasons
Version 1.2
Latest Update at Mon, 30 Apr 2012

★★★☃☃ New Release For Chiristmas Season! ☃☃★★★

Angry Bird's dishing out green pigs? Of course not!

n the orchard with little cute pigs, crabby birds are stealing the foods of the pigs! Send away crabby birds before they fully occupy the branches! Featuring various special effects and fabulous fun items are waiting for you in Fly Bird! Double the fun with your friends! Get FREE now ^ ^

Play Mode Guide

  • Classic Mode: please drive out the birds on the branches. The same type of crabby birds can be driven away when paired with 3. Meet various and cute little birds as you go higher levels ^^
  • Battle Mode: Our unique feature with best fun! - If you've become familiar with gameplay in Classic mode, you can battle with your friends and crank up the battle mode. You can play battle mode together with iPhone, iPod or iPad users.
  • "NEW" Puzzle Mode: Puzzle Mode filled with many variety of puzzling stages. Wana know how many stages are there? Try now and beat each stages with endless fun and indulge into puzzle mode ^ ^
  • Bombard your friend's orchard with lots of crabby birds to annoy your friend as you battle!!!

How to enjoy even more in Fly Bird?

  1. Find all sorts of hidden items. Fun items like explosive bomb and phoenix can be used.
  2. In the Battle mode with a friend, send away as many birds you can to your friend's orchard.


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