Memory Doctor
Version 1.0
Latest Update at Tue, 12 Oct 2010

Must-Have App for an iOS4 Multitasking users

☼ Whose battery is discharged faster after iOS4 update
☼ Who feels apps which were fine before crash frequently after iOS4 update
☼ Whose iPhone is getting slower after iOS4 update
☼ Who is wondering what is running in the background on his iPhone
☼ Who wants to see the status of memory and process on one screen

Now, in iOS4, managing the memory is a necessity, not a choice!


✓ Current memory status: Free, Active, Inactive, Wired
✓ Simple and easy design
✓ Increase and optimize free memory
✓ Current process and app list

How To Increase Free Memory

- Tap REFRESH button on bottom right, or
- SHAKE your device


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